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ब्रामण का छोर छा गया भाई वेसे हम भी वो कुंडली वाला ही पंडित है सूरज मंगल चंद्रमा 👍
Abhi J
You have the potential to make people laugh without using swear words or sexual innuendos. Please continue with same spirit and carve a niche for yourself as a true commedian who doesn’t need explicit content to make people laugh and genuinely work towards punchlines by observing the world around him. Keep it up Sandeep!!
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All in one Channel
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shyam sunder
How u decide the live show?
shyam sunder
How u decide the live show?
shyam sunder
How u decide the live show?
shyam sunder
How u decide the live show?