David Eaglesham
All the best to Sam Lloyd, aka Ted, who has just been diagnosed with cancer 💙
I never understood how everyone on the show thought his band was shit. I absolutely love their music.
Serene Shade
I miss all 8 seasons of Scrubs when I hear this.
"I love you more than Turk...i know,that's even hard for me to say it but it's true"
Scrubs is not only one of the best series ever made. It also has an extremely good soundtrack.
Marlon Muk
This makes me want to drink a bahama mama. :)
Cast Over
This cover must be Hooch, because this is crazy!
Twin Peaks Dirtbag
Teddy needs to tell that bastard cancer “Boing Flip!” Wishing you all the best, Sam! We are rooting for you!
I miss scrubs.
These guys are one of the many reasons why Scrubs was such an awesome show.
C. H.
all these years later...still gettin' the feels when hearing this sonf
Franklin Electro
notice how the lyrics have more effect when sung like this
Fewer Prouder
Was anyone else heartbroken when JD said he loved Elliot more than Turk?
Katrin M
I'm literally going to play this at my wedding next year because the scene from scrubs made me cry every single time. I'm actually about to cry right now because it sounds so wonderful!
This band is awesome. As long as they don't lose Chris from shipping. They lose him they lose their sex appeal :P
Frankie Doodle
I like it when he says "ice cold"
Yoshi Stoner
Ted Buckland the most under appreciated character. I love him and his band. I love the vacation episode and the one where he sings with the Gooch!
That One Dude
Awww maaaan am I really the sad sack of the hospital. I miss scrubs love that show
I didn't realize they were a real band.
I miss scrubs so much....
Squalle Squ
Ted was the best character on Scrubs!
Mishchievious Badger
So sad to hear about his cancer
Best version of Hey Ya! in my opinion. Hope you’re doing well, Sam❤️
Prefer this to the original
Niko Holt
thum 4x thum 4x My baby don't mess around Because she loves me so And this I know for sure But does she really wanna But can't stand to see me Walk out the door Can't stand to fight the feeling Because the thought alone is killing me right now Thank god for mom and dad For sticking two together 'Cause we don't know how. Chorus: And, Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya You think you've got it Ohh, you think you've got it But got it just don't get it Till' there's nothing at all. We get together Oh, we get together But separate's always better when there's feelings involved. If what they say is "Nothing is forever" Then what makes, Then what makes, Then what makes, Then what makes, Love the exception? So why you, why you Why you, why you, why you are we so in denial When we know we're not happy here [Chorus] And, Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Alright now fellas oh, what's cooler than being cool? Ice Cold I can't hear you I say what's cooler than being cool? Alright, alright, alright, alright Alright, alright, alright, alright Alright, alright, alright, alright Alright, alright, Ok now ladies And we gonna break this thing down in just a few seconds here Now don't have me break it down for nothing Now I wanna see y'all on y'alls baddest behavior I said, Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor 3x Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, Shake it like a Polaroid picture Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, [Chorus] And, Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya
The vacation episodes of Scrubs were my two favorite episodes. This song was awesome at the wedding!
™ᙠ uɐqnƆ ˙˙˙ssǝ⅄
I totally ripped off Scrubs when I told my fiancee earlier that she was my dream girl (I mean... she is). Then I remembered Ted's Band singing this song. So of course now it's absolutely imperative that I incorporate this into the reception somehow.
Jake Parkinson
So amazing brings a tear to my eye EVERYTIME I miss scrubs SO MUCH ♥
dablock YTK
Nice to see People here in 2016
Alan Garcia
Listening to this in 2019😭 so good. Bleesed.
Cashel Condon
Oh looks like its time to take a feel trip
So much better than the original...
scrubs was one of the most under rated shows of all time!
Youtube Sheriff
Hope you fight through the cancer teddy aka sam lloyd All the best from germany God bless you all
Chris Redfield
are the 2019 scrubs fans still right here listening? :)
Just read that Sam Lloyd has been diagnosed with cancer, I bursted out in tears.. His character and their music means so much to me. I always listened to them when I was sad. Their music gave me hope and courage to make the best of my life, it's a shame that people like him get diagnosed with such terrible things. :( Fuck cancer, you'll survive it, all the best wishes...
Orbitalswan Art
Its 2019 and I recently finished watching the 8 seasons of Scrubs for the first time and this is making me emotional
Rise Roronoa Zorro
I love scrubs n I love this version of hey yah
Lol, I was watching the Scrubs episode when the Janitor gets married while watching this
Anthony Rai
Ted, why are you so cool!!?
Moon Bun
The first time I listened to this version I cried and set it to repeat for hours. It's such a beautifully done version and suddenly the words have a lot more meaning, but honestly it could be non-sense and I would still get choked up at their voices and the excellent arrangement. I now use it as a lullaby for my 2 year old daughter. It's soft and sweet enough to put her to sleep and catchy enough to keep me awake. Amazing!
Dor Keidar
This is one of the best covers I know since they were able to take a song with awesome lyrics that were looked over because of the beat, and reinvent them so you can feel their meaning. Didn't like the orignal and LOVE this version (and also fond of the original now thanks to it). Oh, and scrubs is the best series ever. BE WELL SAM LLOYD WE LOVE YOU!
I love you Sam. You always made me laugh when I needed it the most. I can only hope that you can fight this battle with cancer with all the power from us! Thank you for everything and keep fighting!
Richard Barth
All will be well Sam. You have millions of scrubs fans sending you love.
Ryan Flint
The best Ted talk I've ever been privy to! On my life.
John Brown
When you play this at 1.75 speed, it becomes a Mumford and Sons song.
Omar Rivas
Damn, I just love this cover! It always hits me every time I listen to it Lol it just makes me wanna bust out crying. Just beautiful. Haha
Richard Johnson
HOW did I not know there was an official recording of their cover??
It's good to see "Ted" happy here compared to how he is in Scrubs
Dicky Anders
Very weird seeing Ted smile......
Jaxir Raywhisper
Better than original, undoubtedly
We love you Sam Lloyd <3 :( I hope he pulls through
I was sent here by a man who has made me worry for his shark-based mental health.
Naveen Sivasankar
I almost cried when Sam sung the song in Season 8. It's just so amazing.
Shayne Tybur
One of the greatest shows ever. Makes you laugh and tear up at the same time. I miss Scrubs so much, basic televised programs are absolute garbage nowadays.
This let me Remember the last episode of REAL Scrubs! I never had watched a episode of Season 9, like many other here said, Scrubs ended with Season 8! Hope for a World Tour of The Blan ;)
d r
The episodes were called My soul on fire parts I and ii season 7 or 8.
Simon McFly
My thoughts are with Sam and his family and friends😢 This f***Ing Cancer😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭
John Nino
The video makes me tear up. I don't have much friends in my life but seeing people have the time of their lives surrounded by friends, I'm good with that. I'm happy for them even if it makes me a little lonely :)
Fabian Selbach
The thing, Ted would say at 1:12 "Ouw maaan" :( <3
Senne H
Oh please, I must have watched all eight seasons about 6 or 7 times over now, maybe more but who's keeping track :p Still tear up at some moments eventhough I pretty much know what's going to happen. Fantastic show, honestly.
jade shepherd
Argh...this is so beautiful, I just...I can't...<3
DF Sophie
I want this song in my wedding ❤
Used this as my bridal waltz last Friday. Teared up while dancing to it, so much sentiment for one song.
Man, i´d love to meet Sam (Ted) one day. By saying that i mean i´d like to meet the whole set of SCRUBS. Working in the medical field i can relate to them in so many ways, almost like i worked my whole life with them.
Artur Sharkey
I love this version of Hay Ya'! Greetings from Poland. Take care The Blanks!
Tim Moore
I just watched this episode on On Demand and replay the song 3 times.
Aleksa Mihajlovic
This sounds a lot like RHCP... I get the Road Trippin vibe :D
Andrea Mattuzzi
è veramente bellissimo vedere "Ted" felice <3
I was sent here by a man who had a sharkgasm
I'm 23 and i've been friend with my best friend since i was born, and it's going to last forever, so when i will meet my true love, i will say to her "i love you more than him" Thank you Scrubs
Holden Fraser
listen to this literally every day. usually more than once <3
Wes Farquhar
As soon as I heard the first bars of this, I knew I wanted it to be played at my future wedding
bahamamama big mama
Patrick Bickel
One of the reasons why Janitor getting married is one if my favorite episodes ever
Steve Rhodes
Much love Sam, always my favourite scrubs character
Zaphod B
"Ice cold" indeed. This is awesome!
Mustafa Ahmedani
I got so happy when I saw this was on Spotify.
JD: Elliot.. i love you more than Turk.
Ohh...BTW....I love Ted's voice when he sings. I was amazed every time!
Simon H
I feel ya ! I've been through 6 seasons these past 3 weeks ..
I think the most hard-to-swallow part of this video is... HE'S SMILING! Oh my god it's so amazing how different he looks from the 'Ted' character by just.. smiling!
adam madej
they took fine song and made it perfect
1:56 Oh the golden days :)
cristian alfaro
I loved scrubs best 8 years of my life. it we be good to get the band back together
so lovely, raping the repeat button seems the only legit way
Samuel Parel
It's LEGEND... wait for it... DARY :D
Arturo Millán
I cry every time over my reflecting on bad life choices upon listening to this. Yet I enjoy feeling this miserable.
Shyann Hooper
scrubs was my favorite show
Sake Bobombs
I've been on a Scrubs marathon for the past 3 weekends and I must say I'm still as bummed as the first time when the series was coming to an end..I'm currently on the 8th season and just finished the episode where the Janitor gets married hence why I'm watching this vid :)
Hector Ruiz
I love this XD its hilarious how i actually like this version a lot more
Corey Nau
Much love for ya Sam Lloyd. One of my favorites
Chris Merz
3:38 should be my screensaver. frickin beautiful.
This is the most beautiful post I have ever seen <3
Paul Bingham
Loved the program... Love the music...
Hugh Jaynus
This is the best thing I've ever heard in my life.
2:00 that pic is sooooo genuinely old skool i love it :)
Paul Machira Kiruma
my ex forced me to watch scrubs and i ended up loving it and everytime i watch it, it reminds me of her.....
Andy Motive
Music with soul. Im almost cry Very touched