Brandon Ciraudo
I miss this show so much.
Edward Teach
my chilhood, i recommend scrubs to every human in this world
Luca Ferrari
I love you more than Turk... damn... f-cried for happy and sadness at this moment
No offence to Outkast, but I prefer this, the Scrubs-version; I believe they managed to capture the correct spirit and deepness of the song with this slightly melancholic but yet "get a grip on yourself"-feeling kind of version (also beautifully presented in the episode's ending as the characters start to clearly find the true essence in their relationships). A great cover. Thank you for uploading!
christian rabago
This was a sadder moment than when the office ended
Jedidiah Martin
Oh man, this version is amazing. Scrubs was making me feel the feels right to the end.
Scrubs never had a season 9. Season 8 was the last season, the final episode was called "My Finale", and it perfectly ended the story. It's not like the producers would try to continue the story with a new cast of half-assed characters, that would be so dumb if they tried to do that (thank God they didn't).
Meg Collis
Scrubs Season 9 was so unnecessary. Elliot made one appearance, and Carla wasn't even in it! Up until then, Scrubs has been THE most amazing show ever, it has changed my life, and I've learnt so much. Mostly about Medicine, but also life skills.
Dilara Gencer
Recently, Sam Lloyd (Ted on Scrubs) was diagnosed with cancer. And there is a GoFundMe page in order to raise funds for his medical expenses, you can look it up for more. Let's pray for him and his family/friends and keep him in our thoughts! So that he could sing us more awesome songs 🙏✨
Hakan Kaya
I cried and laughed so often and i cant explain how i feel ❤you cant forget a show like this
ester potter
I'm gonna miss this show so much 😢😢
Kyle Price
Brooke Pettrey
This season, 8, had the best music.
Mercedes Cordoway
I cried like a big baby on the finally. You and I both know the show ended with season 8 but this show really is amazing!
My boyfriend made me watch this show and im honestly going through withdrawal now that I'm finished
How is Ted not in this picture?
A00ni Games
Prob too late to say, but Scrubs changed my life, made me who i am. Before i watched this show in middle school i was an empty shell. Then this show showed me comedy in a meaningful way and helped me to learn more things about life than i could ever expect. I can't help but feel joy and sadness when listening to any song featured on Scrubs. These songs are the memory of when my life changed for the better, Today i am a caring and considerate person... all thankx to scrub. I iz sad panda =(
Larissa Janz
My friend, I love you so much, I hate you so much, I don't know, which feeling is the stronger one. But I sing out loud: He ya...he ya. Heeee yaahaa...he yaa.
Ted can sing! (:
Celine y
favorite episode
I miss the show! I want to get all the seasons now.
"I say lend me some sugar i am your neighbor...shake it shake it shake it"
Matthew Enriquez
I hope they never take scrubs off of netflix
Submarino Digital
scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best show ever!!!!!!!! chocolat bear lol!!!
Olga Grosheva
Thank God for mom and dad for sticking two together cause we dont know how...
Marshall xv
I guess my ultimate life goal is to find a person that loves scrubs as much as i do
i miss Scrubs :´(
Sake Bobombs
Glen Matthews, the name that the Janitor gives JD in the final episode. Bill Lawrence confirmed this in a April 13, 2011 facebook post.
For me one of the best scrubs songs ^w^ ♥
John O
you will always be a worthless peon
this song and somewhere over the rainbow
had been exactly the 10k th view
one of the best best cover ever
Jul Frank
you are hearting it ? :O
hooray for the best eight seasons on TV! Only EIGHT not nine, only eight
ughh i fucking miss this show :( time to watch every episode from season 1 now haha
juan felipe naranjo usuga
this are the only songs I can study with. They are so relaxing. They help to get focus. Thanks a lot. totally recomend it.
John Baker
Chili C
Oh cute! Look an eel.
Jul Frank
haha just joking :DD
Major Chocolate
after 8 seasons of laughing and crying there is still one big question: whats the name of the janitor ?
God I love scrubs. And that episode was top 3 for sure.
Trip LP a song performed by his band "The Blanks". All of them are unbelievable good vocalists *___*
Four people never felt in love.
so good...
James Earles
absolutely awesome version of this song
Kyle Price
damn no kidding they are pretty solid for sure!
Alex Fox
You are completely right :)
Artur Sharkey
I agree with Edward.
jonathan Jaffe
Different version than the one on scrubs
Ted's got inoperable brain cancer...
christian elfving
OutKast-Hey Ya! Same song... but i love this more. listen to both and tell me it's not the same..
Julian Bauer
everyone too
Berry Bell
Outkast is better..but this one is reaaally nice :) this banjo is really love love it! <3
Jan Itor.
The didn't they wanted to call it Scrubs Med School and make it a spin off, but the broadcasting company said it had to be called 'Scrubs'
Sake Bobombs
Yeah season 9 was totally unnecessary. It would of been nice if Scrubs could of went on but the end of season 8 was the perfect ending.
Captain Rad
under all these idiotic and hate comments on youtube this is not one of them. don't know why, it gave me a smile. Now I give one back.
A Panda
Better than the original song.
Gerba3i Gaming
Need another season please :/ or another serie with same actors and actrics
Davy Johnes
The old normal scrubs, not those new fake, even though the staff is the same, it's whole another serial.
Trip LP
i was the exactly 58.852nd one
Sake Bobombs
I just finished up a 1-8 Scrubs marathon over the past few weeks and now I can't help myself from checking out the season soundtracks. Scrubs is such an amazing show it had everything from hilarious comedic moments, irritating wtf are you doing moments, O.o banana hammock moments, close best friend / borderline gay moments and sad and touching moments put together with great music. I feel just as touched as I did the first time I watched the final episode.