saseeb _
after listening to the first guy. i think i should go to the voice aswell.
Speedyfrog LaFrog
That second guy was just lovin life
Instagram: darkest_web
1st guy: for ppl who are surprised why they liked him. Simply bc their English sucks and have no idea how bad he is
Antoine Lefebvre
Everyone talking about how Shit the first one was but no one talking about how amazing the last one was
Sonya Bowles
The guy who mixed Come Together and Lose Yourself was impressive, IMO.
Brindar Nyland
that first lose yourself has to be the worst cover ever
lion in your area
The second guy is real original
The girl was pretty damn good until she started singing... I mean yikes, but who the hell am I to judge? Lol.
Amaerkoderagham Agha
The second juy is just something else,too good
Hashi Ontorio
พี่บิว ก็มาา.💕 #Thiland 🇹🇭
Zexxed F
Only because the first performance was an eminem song they turned around. No hating but he only shoutes that's not rapping
Kelvin Tan
1st and 2nd , the difference is too great.. hahahaha..1st is just terrible , 2nd was dope !!!
abdullai bassir
The first guy got me thinking, "is this the Voice or the Noise?" 🤔
Camilo Jimenez
9:52 Cuando te da un calambre a las 3 de la mañana :v
Jason Phantom
Lose yourself" is the one and only amazing rap to his audition ☺
Abdul Rashid
The last guy was really enjoy his performance.
amp chchra
มีของไทยด้วยว่ะ เจ๋งงงง!!
Elite Roses Generation SSO
The first guy only won cause he was trying to sound like em which i hated and he looked like him too
Devourer Gaming
After seeing 1st performance, I can easily tell everyone in the comments are best Judge. We all know 1st guy Suckssssssssss
Yazami Khalid
5:50 omg
Hollyn Music
I'm waiting for an audition with a song NF 🥺🖤🖤
Cheer up first guy~~
Shukra Abdurrahman
3 years ago wow such a long time. I love d medley of come together/loose yourself i wtchd it thrice. Dt asian guy nailed it it's too bad d female coach was sorta hating
Steve Jobs
The first guy goes soo bad wtf was that
Meeryum V
Ah dommage ya pas m.pokora 😂
Dylan Trejos
With the first guy... Well I don't know the emotion maybe?
iM jUsT CuRiOuS
Did I hear right? 08:10 "Talk dirty to me, N..."?
the man from BBC ONE <3 and the last one <3 <3
Ariana Grande Is My Queen
The second is WTF LOVE IT!
Ibrahim Kempo
The first guy , boi you are choking 😕
Enoh Eni
The second guy really knows what means "flow".
Moroccan Top Videos
Boom boom boom's girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmaaaaao
ThE Sage-Emperor-AcOu-KinG
the last one make me dance without even knowing damn
Shenia Cornwall
how is it that everyone talks about how bad the first one is but doesn't talk how good the second one is
Eric Rene 1995
0:47 oh my
Bengisu Arıkan
5:40 my ears....
Dylan Rodas
Perfect 👌🏾
Kosit Zealim
9:38 amazing
The first guy is worse than cancer Second was good
kometa 18
5:56 holy.. that was awesome
Jocelyn Long
3:11 😂that head banging tho it's needs to be a meme but...Me:Nani why dis not a meme like wow just make a meme out of it plz!
Oil Naja
Rap good😍
Fatih Güngör
Yarrak gibi söylemiş. Herkes dönmüş 🤣🤣
Type .-. Funny
The last guy was just pure talent
James Cop
MrVomit Man
That first guy had an amazing singing voice
Abdur Rahman
I like number second cool cok :v
Kwarojwok oboya
7:30 disrespectful
Yunus Kaynak
Ben Fero : Biladerim versiyonu daha iyiydi mq aldjkskskd
second one, oxygen ?, I don't need that
นันทนา อินทนิล
The last one was amazing !!!
Gibson Michels
wow, the last one so good. good job.
Rehan Perera
Good bro!👏👌
La tendance KNG
Please follow the link to this page in order to download more beautiful clips
Angel Robles Garcia
Excelente performanceee!!!
That first one is sooo bad, The song is so good tho.
SiA queen
I love the second one
My-Crazy- Fantastic-Fanatic
1:09 - Me: ... Mom, shall I go to the Voice?
Clayton Vaz
Esse mano é muito bom !!
Diom Azerty
From Chinese to English great the last one respect!!
crixcus gaming
the last guy has a fucking amazing voice!
I laughed so bad on the first ome omg😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chicken _TV
9:39 *_i like it_*
Shawn Warrick
1:10 lose yourself in the MUSic. XD Voice crack
هجرة عصافير الخريف موسم
My signutre: ₭
nick strength and power gf
the first one is worse than justin bieber
Fisherman Freso
I need to move and just do karaoke on the voice lol
ayşegül dombaycı
The last one is the best one♥
Keep pressing this 👉 10:00
Pokemon X
บิว จรูญวิทย์ - 99 Problems - Dr. Rum - Can't Hold Us - Max Milner Lose Yourself/Come Together this 3 was good other so bad .. idk how they pass...
Rose M
i can rap better than first one😒
Musafir Pk
7:50 " UNDER TAKER "🤣
Yusuf Effil
Omg what is the last song i damn loved it
Dayalliyah de Venecia
This makes me tears my goodness
Gianmarco Soria
3:30 full weed
That blond girl was so bad omg
นาย กุ๊กไก่
Very Good❤️
Wonder BD
4:35 which song
The god
2nd one was an amazing rapper 3rd one was an amzing musician and the last one had a good voice the others where like ..........mehh
the last video tho 😂😂😭😭😭😂 gmfu they hella emjoyed it huh
Mufaro Mazwazwa
I loved the second guy
Muhammad Suraju
I love this
I can't choose between Tae and Kookie HELP ME
The last one, I repeated it so much. 💜
Muito foda !!!!
I was going to say something about some of their voices but remember folks some of these acts are from other countries. They don't speak English every day, therefore their English will be broken and sound worse than ours.
the first one his voice didn't fit the song or is it the the tone?
Thobeka Masimula
The second very great
Mateo you should try five rockets Voncsazy
8:12 okay chil
kurdapyo james
That 1st guy , 😂😂😂
4:36 who's she ?
lazy සනී
Superb 😍😍😍
Wait a min 3:20😂
GreatWhite 78
the gungfu singer was amazing
Well Sanches
2018 Alguém...
I was feeling the first one, than he went in and I just couldn't, the way he raped it, i.. I just can't
Bigo live หลุด
9:52 What song name
Victor Lopez
I love you
juley muley
Just finished third one(nicky minaj's) I am feeling like I should go for "The Voice" as well
Jolita Jonkaitė
last one best voice omg
6:31 did someone die when he pressed that button lol?