The Todd hasn't aged a day
Cailin Dreamseeker
Suddenly, The Todd!
Greg Gonzales
how did these guys not get a cameo in pitch perfect?!?!
The Todd makes everything better.
Mason Kane
There are more talented groups out there, but few are as much fun as the Blanks. Also, their bass is one of the best I've ever heard.
Chris Longshaw
Haha! "The Tod" that was unexpected!
Johannes S.
To be honest some were better then the Originals^^
Songs about partying at clubs are always better when sung by middle aged white acapella singers. Completely serious.
Singing like this takes real skill and charisma, unlike a lot of the rubbish that is popular now.
This dynamite is way better than the original !
Omri Levy
you guys should really make more videos like this
Todd and Coffee Bucks in this video. Nice scrubs references.
Scott J
I hate the song, but you fellas make it worth listening to!!!
Roderick Kingsley
i was sad 1min before, then i found this
Man I am obsessed with this, watched it like 50 times already. Gotta love the worthless peons.
Ryan Matthews
Barbara Streisend five!
... With the title being "the blanks do katy perry" i expected something entirely different ... But this is ok too lol
Joel H.
Totally missed an opportunity to sing "and I'm like - boing fwip!"
Cast Iron Ambience
Love the Tod appearance though.
shodaime zack
2019 i still remember the worthless peons Acappella band ....
Benvolio Foster
also, ted at the end cupping balls rather than doing jazz hands :)
Sheah Thompson
This is the best thing I've seen in my life
whenever I'm sad , these guys cheer me up !
andry terenkevich
привет от Scrubs в 2019
lol at 3:08 look at Ted's hands xD
Zach Lin
"Told you once" *Two fingers* "Told you twice" *One finger* I love this band.
their bass is awesome
lol i was reallu surprised when the tod joined!
Benvolio Foster
3:09. guy in white falling over. love how they don't take themselves too seriously
Rashed Mustafa
"What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso, how ya doin'?" SCRUBS <3
3:00 The guy on the right! That is the best dance move I've ever seen in my entire life!
ahahaha 0:50 "the way you turn me on, i cant sleep.. (sluts) "
Bugod i
1:53 I want you to love me like im a hot pie
I really enjoyed this and I would really love to hear one or two more medleys of this greatness. ^^ I thank the creators of Scrubs for introducing me to you guys. A Capella is plain awesome! And Lloyd's character was one of the funniest performances on Scrubs. Good luck on your future endeavors Blanks!
Nokia 3310
Wow I’m really late but 2019, I used to watch this in 2012 by the way when I was younger.
Saw them live today in Copenhagen, Denmark. most amazing thing i've ever seen <3
Teal'c 4107
::sigh:: Sam and his angel voice.... <3 Very hilarious!
Hattie Dorian Rainford
WHERE'S THE TODD'S TATTOO ... *dies* xD... I love you guys <3
Sheah Thompson
This is so great and everybody's favorite part was The Todd, I mean I liked him showing up but the whole video was awesome
2:19 bestes :D
Gahhhhh, I had to pause it, I was scared my laptop would explode from all the epicness from this.. Pschh ah well ¯\(°_o)/¯
Wout Eeftink
2:06, you'll instantly spot who Ted is :D
Andrew Fairs
I love how your refereed to Sam Lloyd as "Ted"
Does anyone have the tabs of this? Me and my choir would love to sing it!
2:45 The Bro Code. ... Article 15: A Bro never dances with his hands above his head.
Benton Woodrum
When I saw the Todd a huge smile came across my face!!
Mikolaj K
I think they're actually on set - but I had the same reaction at first!! =D
Jakob Richter
"ImvideoauftauchFLOSSE" :D
Francesco Mangiarini
OMG these mens are so SWAAAG ahahaahaahahhahahha, i watched this video about 30 times. So funny and they're really good at "beatboxing". From Italy, so excuse me if my english is not perfect
Saw them live in Eau Claire...Best live concert I've ever been too!!
Really want you to do a full cover of dynamite I love this version :D
i love it <3 but why does the tod-man come?
lol it took me a while to recognize him haha
Brooke Beresford
That was just brilliant, you're all amazing :P also, I hope he stole the scrubs while they were shooting the episode about stealing scrubs :3
Nicholas deBessonet
dynamite is sooooo great *_* keep going on guys :)
Greg Morgan
oh my god i want them to play at my wedding! that would be amazing!
The J Llo
the dynamite part is my favourite part it's ridiculous how amazing it is! haha
Jonas Wenner
when sam sings "cause i told you once..(and so on) he shows 2 fingers at first and then 1 finger :D
I throw my hands up in the air sometimes Saying AYO, Gotta let go (Uhhh)
I didn't know I needed this in my life until today
When Todd appeared, I understood the meaning of life.
The Wisest Salad
Cos I told you once (shows two fingers), Now I told you twice (shows one finger), Oh Sam you never seem to amaze me
2:05 Ted's mouth slobbers :D
Joshua Lucas Mueller
The todd made my day :D
I love Ted's voice in Dynamite! Just AWESOME!
Cat Lady
heh heh me favorite and i love scrubs!!!
i´ve seen them live ... yeeeaaaah!!! they are GREAT!!! :D love the blanks <3
Jess Norton
This is so funny! I think I'm in love. I love "Todd" saying Barbra Streisand!!:')<3
KFJ_I 8668
This was 8 years ago... Holy
just epic! loved it when todd came in :D i would´ve stolen the scrub too ;)
Hauke Madaus
I just loove that ''uh'' at 2:51
Simen Hofman
Love it how they did this on the Cougar Town set xD
I was just sitting here, all impressed when- HOLY SHIT IT,S TODD!
I was so, so, so happy when The Todd showed up, miss scrubs so much!
Alex H-J
that was incredible!! love the different levels and watching someones face to see what noise they are making :)
Im literally and totally in love! ♥ So thank you to Scrubs for this discovery of madness..
André Cortesão
This is good and hilarious at the same time, love it!!!!! :D
Emmi Bordon Trezza
oh my god, love love love you!!!!!
Gar Niemand
2:30 uhmbauhmbauhmba YEAH :D
YaaHhOooOOoo very niceeeeeeee!!! Great job guys!! We're waitin' for you in Italy!
Roskoni Media Inc.
I <3 U The blanks ps: I know your manager adam;)
"thank you Crest whitening strips" literally sets me off to a fit of giggles every time
Holly Anna
I'm seeing these guys in November! :D
Ant Allch
This always cheers me up :D
Garrett Kyser
I told you once! \/ *holds up 2 fingers
Gregor Breun
1:26 - didn't expect anything like The Todd :D
Lady Teacup
<3 <3 <3 This made me. SO HAPPY.
Dan L
This was awesome! My fave was @ 2:19. More medleys please.
Levi B
"Coincidentally, George, like Katy Perry, has also been with Russell Brand." Hahaha
the todd! and amazing vocals!!!!!
Fergus MacLeod
Back in 2011 when "watch in 720p HD" in the description was a indicator of quality. Great video! Everyone is having so much fun.
Melissa Stout
His Faces In The 1st Song :D lol
oh they are performing in my city the next month i saved my tickets:D
This absolutely awesome! When are you guys coming to Canada!!!!
i love this song! :D i hope they release a second cd soon ^^
Still as good as before some years. Love them =)
hahaha when he appeared that the first thing I was looking for
The guy with the cap is handsome <3