Johnny Clyne
man thanks a lot for this! I downloaded that Sam Lloyd version the minute I heard it on scrubs and Ted lol the guitar was upside down anyway cheers from Ireland man
Cody Garaas
Thank you for making this video and posting the chords in the comments :) You are a great player
AudreeAna Martinez
Can you make just a guitar cover? I'd love to sing to it and post it :)
Good Job Man, I hear the scrubs version couple of days ago, no I'm you tubing it, and here I found you.
Damn you! For that voice.. I will steal it the moment you look away..
Jaimi Swaim
Thank you for making this video. I have been thinking of this song for months. I loved it in scrubs as well. :)
Theresa D
awesome *-* <3
I love it ! <3
Matthew Dangelantonio
@Chelmedvedosvin91 pretty easy chords, standard tuning. it's E, Asus2, B, C#. I play the last 2 chords with power chord fingering but I mute the low E and strum the B and high E
Matthew Dangelantonio
@constitine make me proud!
Subscribed for this man, really nice video
You're good ^^
Sehr geheim
nice job! 5/5
Matthew Dangelantonio
Thanks! Appreciate the kind words!
daniel salvadore
@constitine e a2 B5 c#m
Matthew Dangelantonio
Thank you very much!
not the best quality but very nice :)
Its perfect. great stuff
quality man, good on yer
chris angel
@devilsfan4ever26 ahh ok man thaks a lot, time to win this chick over haha =D
Matthew Dangelantonio
all right, except that I use an Asus2 instead of the major. also, the B and the C# minor are both the power chord fingerings, and I just play the B and high E strings open. hope this helps!
Matthew Dangelantonio
@TheBeccaBambi1996 haha I do actually
tim nmyr
Sacha Bourgpalette
Good Voice, Good song ;)
Matthew Dangelantonio
heh, well the chords are really easy. the whole song basically goes E, Asus2, B, C# for the B and the C# I play it like a power chord except I mute the low E (obviously) and I play the last 2 strings. hope this helps
Rad Letoak
love it
Matthew Dangelantonio
well thanks very much. I'm going to try and put up a better quality version of this soon...I just got a new guitar so it should sound better too. I will try and get some audio of this too for those of you asking
Chords (all from low E to high E): d-down u-up 1.e- 022100 strum dduudu 2.a2-002200 dduudu x2 3.B5-024400 ddu 4.C#-046600 dduudu x2 Thath's all.I think its correct;)
Constant Touchard
Ted's version was inspired by Matt Weddle's version, you can easily find the partition on internet =) But your chords are not bad and you're a good singer ! Good Job
Rey Valdo
@devilsfan4ever26 wats the fingering for asus 2?
Matthew Dangelantonio
@constitine look back through the comments. I've posted the chords several times...they're pretty easy to learn. Enjoy!
Nice one. I preferred the Sam LLoyd version to the original.
chris angel
holy shit please do you have the tabs for this?????
Ben Gibb
Mauro Ronconi
GREAT JOB. do you have the audio of this? its really great-
This is better than the version ted did :) Just awesome!
Random Stranger
if your having trouble with the 3rd chrd - b5 with the strumming pattern of DDU, try DD and a quick switch to C# hope this helps :)
Matthew Dangelantonio
@lethal2dble06 about 3.5 years now
Way better then the original!!! :D What are the chords?!?!
Jaimi Swaim
I don't know how many time I have listened to this. But it gets better every time. Thank you!
Hoang Nam
Matthew Dangelantonio
@fverwerda it's just an alternate voicing of B maj. The fingering is just like if you were playing a B maj power chord, except I play the B string and the high E open. So from low E to high E it's x24400. I use my middle finger to mute the low E. Hope this helps!
Good job
Bond James Bond
niccceee even those you are a devils fan lol go stars
Blank Page Productions
E maj A maj B C# minor
Matthew Dangelantonio
For this version, E, Asus2, B, and C#m. Only thing that is different is, as you'll notice, I play the B and C#m open, so it's basically the power chord voicing and the bottom 2 strings open. So for B it would be, from big E to little E 024400 and for C#m it's 046600. Hope this helps!