Lennon JOHN Harri
In my opinion Faith is the best album the cure
Jock Maxwell
I payed £216 for a ticket for this concert, £100 for a train from Glasgow, after the show, I walked the streets of London until Euston station opened at 6 in the morning ,freezing cold,train to Glasgow at 6.40,listended to 3 Imaginery Boys, 17 Seconds & Faith on the old i_ pod on the way home,(on another journey by train ,)Cried during the concert about 6 times and have just cried again , (The Drowning Man gets me every time), love The Cure,have done since I was 12,peace ✌&💖 Jock ........
Darrin Zabolotney
Not only is Robert completely overlooked for his guitar playing,he is criminally slept on.for songwriter craft,as well as his remarkable achievements in the registers of the six string bass.His voice has become a fine tuned instrument,from working shows and lyrics of the next true poet-laureate of this mystic isle.
PsyKo Tine
Would be perfect with Charlotte Sometimes
Nathan Parsons
i just read Lol Tolhurst's book, great read, Robert Smith comes across as a thoroughly decent sort.
Nancy Smith
This was labeled "Gloom & Doom" but it never brought me anything but joy!!!!!!
Warmed my heart to see Lol up there playing......ahhhhh......home again! :-)
I'm now 60 years old and I still have the 4 tickets from the early 80s (Aachen 1981, Aachen 1982, Alsdorf 1984, Düsseldorf 1984). But I still get tears in my eyes when I listen to songs like the drowning man or faith. But to be honest the last really great album (for me) was Pornography (with Seventeen Seconds and Faith). And Faith is still the best album I've ever heard. Ok, maybe the first Smiths album should also be mentioned :-)
DeAnna 76xo1
I really cannot express the gratitude that I have for Robert ,and the band for performing these very intimate and amazing shows ! I paid two grand to get tickets that were at the stage. I saw them play the REFLECTIONS shows at the Beacon Theater in New York City. I had to travel there by plane and basically had to plan a mini holiday in November. Booking a hotel for the weekend etc.. I absolutely hate flying anywhere. I was a nervous wreck but, nothing a few cocktails couldn't handle. All I know is that these shows were extremely special and I will never quite forget them.They were exceptionally fantastic live and even intense at times. it seemed as if the band and Robert were really enjoying themselves just as much as the fans. Even more so with these specific shows then they always had performing in the past. How wonderfully rare it was to have their first three albums played in their entirety. It was a very special night for me and I will never forget it as long as I live. I was lost in the music and their performance with extra encores that were a fantastic surprise.They always know how to let their fans know just how very much we are appreciated.It shows in their performances . I was so entranced and lost in their performance and how fantastically wonderful they sounded live. I danced the night away and had a fantastic time I will never forget. I feel so fortunate to have experienced these shows. I will remember and cherish them always and forever. SEVENTEEN SECONDS AND FAITH are absolutely fantastic albums that never got the real credit they deserve . Just like THE TOP and WILD MOOD SWINGS !!! I actually got to meet the band and Robert outside after the show. I was in tears of joy from the show itself , the music and perhaps shock because, to top it all off Robert was so very humble, cordial and extremely sweet. I asked for hug and got one . I will be forever grateful and so extremely appreciative to this band, for the amazing albums and songs they have touched my life and so many others with . ❤️ CURE FOREVER
It was said once that Faith is the best Cure album, and Pornography is the ultimate cure album.
So nice to see Lol & Rob on stage together.
Authentic HeartSpace
Tolhurst is such an amazing drummer; who created all the drumming on this album. Wish he could have came back as the drummer on the 2011 tour. The other drummer does do him justice. Tolhurst was amazing on both Faith & Pornography
Come back Lol......................... this is your Stage...!!
Inga Hiltunen
I wish they play live first 3 albums again, one day. 3IB, 17S and Faith are too unique.
Alastair Winner
Incredible.... this album was my biggest musical influence of the 80's. To see it recreated live is wonderful, especially with the three imaginary boys on the stage.
"I went away alone... with nothing left but faith". This song is one of the most beautiful ever to be written. And I love the way it's performed here, much more 'sleek' than the original. I'd love to see it re-recorded today with this guitar work and less of the crazy sounds on the original. This song, performed like this, could be a mega hit today if released again!!!!
Hugh S. Hay
This is the best Cure album imo. 'Other Voices' is my favorite Cure song too.
Every album by The Cure has at least one song which stings you real hard. The Drowning Man, The Figurehead, Disintegration, Homesick, A Strange Day, Faith, To Wish Impossible Things, Apart...
The best Cure concert I've ever attended in my life, and I am 50 now, so time flies... What an incredible venue this RAH... ❤️
Gentle Caveman
Simon is amazing!!!
This is the most Dark,clean,hunting,calm,deep,haunest album from The Cure for me! I like everything about them from 76-79-2000 but this album speak to my heart and consciousness direct <3
Nancy Smith
Loved this reflection tour stuff!!! They sounded so awesome!!! Love hearing all these old song live! This is a gem for my live album playlist!!
Steevo Nuissier
The Drowning Man is just too much! What an amazing song! I love Faith what a masterpiece : I never thought that I would hear Doubt live, one of my favourite song ...I saw the Reflections in London at The Royal Albert Hall the best The Cure concert and I saw them many times but I love Faith and 17 Seconds ( my favourite album)... And to have Lol on stage made it extra special.
Nikolas Zane
This just autoplayed after the 2019 Vivid festival livestream of the Disintegration 30th anniversary run. Nice. _EDIT: OMG, All Cats Are Grey __13:23__!_ 🖤
Francis Poulenc
These are really good renditions of the Faith album songs.
Lucas Woodson
Fender guitars ;)
Ascolto sempre con grandissimo piacere questo che resta un album fondamentale nella produzione dei Cure. Sonorità meravigliose e pure, senz'altro una pietra miliare
Remember My Funeral
Oh God! Theres Lol Tolhurst in Doubt!!!! :D
Marco Ramos
I am a big time cure fan , I've love everything about the band . But I've really the faith album its one of my favorite album . Thank u for this live version .
Dave N. Port
My favorite Cure album played life with Lol preferming with them! That is beauty. Thank you so much for uploading this amazing performance!
bythe pavilion
I went to the Albert hall show, my fav is Faith and to hear this album in full was beyond words, having Lol there was even more incredible.
tatiana ianetta luiz
thank you perfect is my dream one day ....
Laurent N
great work for sound/images - thanks for sharing this !!!
Great album by the greatest band. Still incurable.....
Andrea Tarantelli
drowning man forever
Nadia Sometimes
Lol ❤️ so good to see him on stage with The Cure
I don´t understand why Lol doesn't play all the drums in those concerts… Could have been perfect...
Francisco Guirao Cartagena
Mz Cave
Sempre immensi ... Intendiamoci , non basterebbe un set di 24 ore per raccogliere le loro canzoni
Chris DM
Merci pour ce merveilleux live ! FAITH est vraiment un album avec un son si particulier, qu'il restera à jamais unique, avec ses ambiances sombres, mais dans lesquelles on aime se réfugier comme dans un cocon ! Cela fait plaisir de voir Lol Tolhurst jouer avec Robert et Simon ;-) Je les écoutes depuis 1985, et les ai vu pour la première fois au théâtre antique d'Orange en 1986, ce fut un concert inoubliable, et je resterai toujours fan de The Cure et Robert !! Et je remercie Robert et sa musique, qui m'ont influencé et m’ont donner envie de devenir musicien . Thank you for this wonderful live! FAITH is really an album with such a particular sound, that it will remain forever unique, with its dark moods, but in which we like to take refuge as in a cocoon! It's nice to see Lol Tolhurst play with Robert and Simon ;-) I have listened to them since 1985, and saw them for the first time at the theater antique of Orange in 1986, it was an unforgettable concert, and I will always be a fan of The Cure and Robert !! And I thank Robert and his music, who influenced me and made me want to become a musician.
Szilvia Székely
Thank you so much♡
Simone Zandri
A great work of art! Audio is from...which date?
Alfred Rivera
The Fat ole Lady, and Dave Gahan, do it again!
Luc Chartrand
This album... this era... thank you for posting this.
Ricardo Basurto
No paré de sonreir y disfrutar este concierto! Cuanto hubiese deseado estar presente en sidney!
Enri Jaén
jean gomez
simplemente elegante y hermoso!!!
michel Mich
Robert are a poet and his team are fantastic , number one !!! a very good musician , his family was musician !!!
Kuba Kurcz
thanks for sharing.... it's like traveling in time form me...
Love and love Faith. Thank you for uploading :)
Dario Wirtha
there's something badass about seeing roger hitting that cymbal with that shaker thing.
Mz Cave
Peccato per la scaletta ridotta della seconda data di Milano ...
paola gabrielli
Sergio Sandoval
Sandro Piras
Grazie mille.
Lol should of drummed for these songs. Its his most natural instrument.
Stephen Gale
Pls forgive my ignorance - I found TheCure in 82 but if Smith Tolhurst and Gallup are the originals in the band - and Gallup is the one playing bass guitar c/w d a haircut ......How the heck hasn’t he gone through the time machine that the rest of us from those days have been through?
Double Mac
It’s so heartwarming to see Robert w/out that Schecter abomination. I hated that f—ing thing w/ a passion. What is Lol doing there though?
HerenciA De Merlo
its bisar
HerenciA De Merlo
lol is the best
his voice holds up really well for this album, others it doesnt ( what can ya do, age the voice grows deeper and so on ) but this one its seems very close to album